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mama bears!

Are you juggling it all? Laundry, meals, keeping the kids alive and bills paid? Do you need to find happiness amoungst the hustle? Success in the simplicity? Or your identity in the imperfect life you’re living? I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Ariana: mommy, wife, homemaker, and mama empowerment advocate.

I am a happiness and success coach, on a mission to teach mama’s how to reclaim their happiness, rediscover their identity, and reach new levels of success.


Finding a sense of self worth that not only increases your self confidence, but adds value and impact to every aspect of your life.
Creating a sustainable home environment that allows you to control the chaos with ease and leave you feeling refreshed each morning.
Building a self identity that intertwines with motherhood allowing you to feed your creative soul while showcasing your unique passions.

All of this and more is possible. And you deserve it.

Why me?
Over the years I’ve owned various businesses and monetized blogs as well as working as a Program Manager for three Fortune 500 companies. There I’ve acted as a business and marketing consultant developing, coordinating and supporting full service digital marketing solutions including project, program, events, and campaigns influencing over 5000 people.
After becoming a work-from-home-mom to care for my special needs preemie daughter, I’ve taken my knowledge in the corporate communications, employee engagement, and digital marketing world and reformatted to help mommies like you. Whether you need help finding yourself, finding your dream job, or marketing yourself as a business.
I help mama’s just like you every day. We’re all been there. Stuck in the endless cycle of tasks, feeling the grief and loss of identity as time moves faster than we can keep up with. The need to simplify, reclaim and evolve haunts your every move.

I will show you how to push through the self doubt, remap your mind for success, and help you discover who you were always meant to be.

So let’s get started!


I have a variety of resources available on the website to help you manage everything from your personal well-being, and your home, to your business or blog or family – and everything in between!


It takes a village right? You deserve to be happy and successful in whatever you want to do mama, and all it takes is simply asking for help. I have an array of products and personalized services at your disposal, so take a look around and find out what fits! Not sure? Send me a message and we’ll figure it out together!


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I love collaborating with other brands and bloggers and am always open to discussing ideas! ArianaDagan.com will only feature products and topics that are a good fit for this blog and accompanying social channels. I am available for Content Creation, Sponsored Posts and Social Media Campaigns, Reviews and Giveaways, and I even take Guest Posts occasionally!

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s start your journey to a new intentional life, together.