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Hello Spring! The air is getting warmer, my hands are already dirty from digging in the garden, and I couldn’t help but get inspired!

5 Free Garden Card Printables by Ariana Dagan

So lets welcome Spring with these adorable FREE printable cards! Share them with your friends, leave little notes for strangers to make their day, use them as place cards at your next garden party, or simply hang them on the wall for some fresh and FREE punny garden art!

There are five cards total, each is 4″ tall and 6″ long, full of color and happiness and pun!

CARROT = “…and you thought I didn’t carrot at all!”

CUCUMBER = “You’re Kind of a big dill!”

WATERMELON = “Thanks a melon!”

GOURD = “Hello Gourd-geous!”

PEAR = “We make a great pear!”

Click the graphic to download them!

Free Printable Spring Garden Cards by Ariana Dagan

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  1. These are super cute…what a great idea for making your own card at home! I saw your post on the Simple Homestead Hop and just had to stop by and invite you to share your talents over on Farm Fresh Tuesdays!
    Hope to see you there!

  2. LOL these are super cute! Thanks for sharing on Homestead Blog Hop!

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