4 Ways a Bucket List Will Change Your Life by Ariana Dagan

4 Ways a Bucket List will Change Your Life

Bucket lists have developed some stigmas in recent years. Everything from fears of dying to simply being a trendy buzzword after the movie came out. But the reality is, a bucket list has nothing to do with either of those. It should be personal to you, your interests, your desires. It shouldn’t be something you create on your deathbed, it shouldn’t even be something you aspire to complete (at least not quickly). The point of a bucket list is to inspire you, motivate you, help you not only achieve dreams, but simply create them.

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How a bucket list can change your life

4 Ways a Bucket List Will Change Your Life by Ariana Dagan

Life is short. And we should take advantage of every second we are here to do things we enjoy, to try new things, and spend time with those we love. A bucket list isn’t something to go around bragging about, and it doesn’t even need to be written down.

The point is to DREAM, to think of new ideas of things to do and accomplish and visit – and then find a way to “cross it off”.

If you have an impulsive personality you may not need to write it down because as soon as an idea comes to you, you jump at the opportunity! If you’re a planner, or a budgeter, or a cautious personality, you may need to take some time to figure out the details to achieve them. There is nothing wrong with either approach or anything in between as long as you are coming up with ideas and working towards them.

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1 | Forces you to reevaluate your life

Setting down some time to consider what you really want out of life, no matter how big or small forces you to reevaluate you are doing and what you may want to do. Society has a way of pushing us down a single road: college, marriage, kids, the big house with the white picket fence, etc. When people stray from that society doesn’t appreciate it. However straying from that is the only reason technology advances, the only reason new things are invented, and the only way great people make history. So don’t be afraid to reevaluate your needs and dreams. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd and say “actually, I really want to do ______ instead”!

2 | Pushes you out of your comfort zone

Jumping out of your comfort zone is the only way to push past the status quo, break the mold and make a difference. So sit down, get uncomfortable and reevaluate your life by discovering what dreams YOU want to accomplish, not the dreams society tells you to have. Analyze where you are in life, what got you to this point, and where to go from here.

Your comfort zone only serves to keep you comfortable, while a list of dreams to accomplish exists outside of that. Stepping outside of that boundary will shape you into a more confident human being, a more productive member of your community, teach you lessons you didn’t know you needed to learn and push you towards new goals you never could have imagined possible!

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3 | Creates motivation and excitement

Nothing creates excitement quite like jumping into something new and fun and there is no better way of motivating that than creating goals you can’t wait to achieve. A bucket list does exactly that! You’ve done the groundwork, reevaluating your life and dreaming big. Now you get to ride that high of excitement as it motivates you to cross items off that list!

Lists are naturally inspiring as they generate additional excitement and confidence each time you work towards something and physically cross it off!

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4 | experience equals memories

Maybe making memories isn’t the most important thing in the world, or maybe it is. Experiences shape you. They make you a better person, they make you more wise and better suited to making decisions down the line. Experience helps you understand different perspectives and see the world differently,

Memories are created from experiences, both good and bad, tragic and fun, small and big. Life becomes more interesting when its full of memories – even the tough ones. Remember, tough experiences are simply life lessons so you don’t repeat it. So take advantage, live your life for the experience and share that with others. Doing so not only allows you to share your memories and wisdom with others, but it leaves behind a legacy for others to remember you by as well.

So what are you waiting for? Sit down and start dreaming! It will only make you a better person for your friends and family, your community, and most importantly – yourself!

Do you have a bucket list? Share your bucket list ideas below!

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29 comments on “4 Ways a Bucket List will Change Your Life

  • Ann , Direct link to comment

    Wonderful points – I’m a fan of stepping out of one’s comfort zone. Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJs!

  • kendallbird0622 , Direct link to comment

    My husband and I recently started a bucket list that we wanted to accomplish together. It’s exciting to think of new things that we never thought of doing before!

  • awakenandbegin , Direct link to comment

    Bucket list item #1: we want to own a tiny house! Would be awesome for traveling 🙂

  • 101foodtravel , Direct link to comment

    I agree to create a bucket list definitely a great idea. We have a few things in our bucket list, hopefully, we will accomplish them this year. SLowly but sure.

  • Sherry Lee , Direct link to comment

    I love each of your thoughts on how a bucket list will change our lives! I have yet to officially write mine out but am motivated to do so now. I think it would be a great family activity as well! Great post! 🙂

  • linathao , Direct link to comment

    My bucket list is all in my head BUT I really need to write them down. I agree with all you have mentioned. I especially love stepping out of your comfort. I have really pushed myself out of my comfort zone in the recent years and have realized/noticed a lot more confidence in myself. 🙂

  • Rebecca Reid , Direct link to comment

    So true! Especially #3! I remember reading an article once (can’t remember where) that talked about anticipation being the most important part of any experience. The general idea being that if you want to schedule a vacation, schedule it for 6 months from now, not for next week, because the time spent looking forward to your vacation is the part that brings you the most joy. (Although the vacation itself is pretty great too, haha!)

  • Tamra Cater , Direct link to comment

    I love this post! I think it is really important to dream, and for a while, I think I lost that. Life became a lot of disappointments an failures. So, I’d really like to get back on track and keep trying to reach my dreams and have my bucket list fulfilled! Thanks for sharing!

  • jenniferwise4heritagemakers , Direct link to comment

    Great thoughts. I especially love #4. In my line of work, I look at memories A LOT. They actually help us learn and grow and change, and recording our experiences has been shown in studies to provide a stronger sense of self and purpose (among other things). So experiences are really what life is all about. I love these thoughts.

    • Rebecca Reid , Direct link to comment

      This makes me think how much fun it would be to make a “reverse bucket list.” Rather than listing all the amazing things we would LIKE to experience, list all the amazing things we HAVE experienced!

  • Ciara , Direct link to comment

    I love this Ariana – I keep meaning to make a bucket list (I love making lists in general!) so thanks for this!

  • mombrite , Direct link to comment

    I never created a bucket list but after reading this I am going to do it! It’s so true that it can motivate you to do stuff that you want to do but just need that extra push to do it.

  • Deb B. , Direct link to comment

    I always talk about having a bucket list but I’ve never actually acted on it. It’s true we associate it to almost impossible dreams or deathbed wishes . But I like your take on it as it’s supposed to be motivational and to push us.

  • Jennifer , Direct link to comment

    Boy, oh, boy. I am a list person! This was a great post and reminds me to not just do a daily to-do list, but a list of great experiences, too. Thanks so much for sharing at the Weekend Blog Hop at My Flagstaff Home! –Jennifer

  • Tiffany , Direct link to comment

    Great post. I really should start having a bucket list to keep me in track. Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ By any chance, are you interested in doing collabs? xx

  • moondreams , Direct link to comment

    I should start a bucket list! I have a mental list of things I want to do, but never write them down, sounds like a great way to set them in stone and stay motivated.

  • mammascookinggf , Direct link to comment

    I create a cooking bucket list each year! I definitely puts me out of my comfort zone, excites me and has helped create some great memories with my family. Great post.

    • Rebecca Reid , Direct link to comment

      What a great idea! Do you take input from your family for recipe ideas to add to this list? Do they help you with the cooking?

  • Clarice , Direct link to comment

    I totally agree with this! And yes, it is very important to DREAM. We should always have something to look forward to. I think this is very important especially to old people. Many have nothing to look forward anymore because they feel that they’re time is almost up. I believe that we should continue dreaming as long as we live.

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