11 Killer Strategies to Help Mama’s Like You Find Your Mission, Discover Your Life’s Purpose & Live Your Passions

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If you’re human, chances are at some point you’ve wondered something along the lines of: WHO THE HECK AM I?! I get it. It doesn’t help with all the societal pressure to figure out who we are, discover our purpose and our one true passion in life. Maybe it doesn’t even matter. Maybe it does and we’re going about it wrong. Heck, maybe we’re already living it! It’s quite a dilemma to be in!

I scoured the internet looking for just that, to put together this list of articles written by people JUST LIKE YOU who at one time wondered, who the heck am I and what should I be doing with my life. These individuals have figured it out for themselves, and each one brought something new and beautiful to the table. I love the diversity in their journies, and I can’t wait for you to see how many ways you can discover your own purpose in life and live the best life you can. So let’s jump in!

If I Didn’t Need Money – How to Find Your Passion With One Quick Exercise | LITTLE COFFEE FOX

Journaling Prompts for Self Discovery | LEARNING TO BE FREE

How to Have an Attitude for Gratitude | DIY WITH MY GUY

Stop Wasting Time and Live Life on Purpose | A CENTSATIONAL LIFE

Discover Your Core Values, When to Reevaluate, and How to Change Them | ARIANA DAGAN

Ultimate Guide to Vision Boards that work | IF IT BRINGS YOU JOY

Beginners Guide to Living Intentionally | REBEKAH JOAN

50 Journal Prompts to Living Your Best Life | PINK FORTITUDE

Questions to Ask Yourself if You Feel Off Course | SAVING TALENTS

How to Be Your Best Self | THE HOUSEWIFE MODERN

When and How to Take a Leap of Faith | MY SWEET HOME LIFE

Whew! Time to get to work! Any other links you’d include?

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  1. Thanks for your post i love this resources

  2. I love this and great read! Thanks for sharing and so thoughtful of you to put more links for others to browse, especially those who are still figuring out what is their purpose in life.

  3. Love this post because as a mom I often just think of myself as a mom and as a runner. But without those 2 things, who am I really? Love the idea of finding other blogs this way too! Thanks for sharing and doing your research.

  4. I am lovin’ this post, thanks for sharing. It’s so hard to dig deep and find our purpose.

  5. Great resource! Thanks so much for doing the leg work to gather all these in one place! I look forward to checking out all the different takes. ❤️

  6. Thank you for the great blog and resources. This helps so much.

  7. You are an inspirational momma! Thanks for pulling these together. This will be a great resource to refer back to!

  8. Gonna read Beginners Guide to Living Intentionally next! Thanks for this!

  9. I love this resource post! Very helpful links to inspire and motivate.

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