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I'm Ariana. I'm here to help you thrive as a creative daydreamer.

I am a writer, illustrator and a creative success coach on a mission to teach creative daydreamers (just like you!) how to reclaim their happiness, rediscover their identity, and reach new levels of success with their creative endeavors. 

I believe being a creative is a calling that many lose in childhood, and those that don’t, struggle to keep and maintain it. Creativity requires deep exploration, discovery, and love to build, grow, and express. It’s a terrifying and a beautiful process.

I built this website to inspire creatives to pursue their dreams, find confidence in their message, and strength in their voice. You can learn more about my coaching, writing or art or follow along with project #FindingFiveMinute

Project #FindingFiveMinutes

What is project #FindingFiveMinutes? Exactly what it sounds like. Less ‘365 project’ and more ‘stop making excuses’ project! Each day reevaluate your schedule, double check your priorities, and FIND FIVE MINUTES to be creative (and if you really can’t, no sweat!).

  •  “…but I don’t have time in my schedule…”
  •  “…but I don’t have money for good quality materials…”
  •  “…but I’m not very good at…”
BEAT THE EXCUSES. You can make time if it’s important to you, promise. Knit at your kids ball game, sketch on the train on the way to work, wake up 5 minutes earlier to write daily journal prompts. Set goals for yourself, or don’t. But if you want creativity to be a priority, it’s time to make it one. No fancy materials required – simply use what’s around you to try new mediums, new techniques to challenge yourself. No one ever needs to see anything, but if you feel the desire – share your 5 minutes on your favorite social media using the hashtag #FindingFiveMinutes! 

about ariana

I am a impressionist painter, pen and ink illustrator, creative coach, & writer living in Northern California with my husband, our daughter, and our two fur-children. My ‘studio’ is a dining table covered in playdoh and dog toys. I live by the #FindingFiveMinutes motto.

I’m inspired by the magic of nature and the colors of the wind, I seek the shades in-between for my art. 

Before becoming a WAHM, I worked as a communications program manager and business consultant for multiple tech giants. specializing in employee engagement, there I coordinated both local and global virtual events for over 5,000 people, creating various campaigns across dozens of communication and social media channels including but not limited to YouTube, email, Drupal, and SharePoint.

I’m passionate about helping others grow, develop their skills, and realize their full potential. I believe in happiness, being intentional, creating impact on this world, oh, and coffee.

If you feel stuck, tangled in the hustle. Lost, unsure of who ‘you’ are as a creative. Or silent, scared of your own voice, take a deep breath. I’ve been there. And I’ve been busy paving the road, creating a map to help others just like you. 

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