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The older we get, the more precious time becomes. We begin to filter hobbies, reevaluate relationships, and weigh our options to optimize our daily schedule. And to a point, that’s great. Why spend time doing something that makes us unhappy? Why waste energy on relationships that bring us down? It’s part of the process of maturing. There is nothing wrong with it. And its important to our SOUL that we do this.

But along the way we lose sight of things that are important but might not be AS important as other things. Such as taking our kids to soccer practice is more important than us going to the gym. Or perhaps EATING dinner is more important than MAKING a homemade dinner. But just because something isn’t AS important as something else, doesn’t mean it isn’t still important.

Being creative was a way of life for me. I worked as a portrait photographer for a third of my life. I worked as a graphic designer for almost as long. I’ve taken various art classes since I was a kid. Creativity isn’t a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. But along the way, the mortgage took priority to painting. My husband and I found combined hobbies, and the baby took up any free time. It’s life. But art fell by the wayside.

Until one day it didn’t. A random art prompt turned my life upside down. You know the ones, a drawing a day using a theme with specific prompts. It was a doodle theme, emphasizing spending very little time doing it. I decided on 20 minutes because that’s how long I had between my husband getting home and the baby waking. And every day for 30 days, I set a timer, and sketched and painted the prompt. No time for overthinking, and no excuse not to do it.

Eventually that nap disappeared so I didn’t have a scheduled 20 minutes anymore, but it sparked something in me that I can’t wait to share with you.

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