The Marketing Revolution

Let’s Level Up Your Marketing Strategy

What if I told you that creating and maintaining marketing strategies for your blog, business, and non-profit didn’t have to take over your life? That keeping people connected, content, and communicating could be easy and actually fun? That you could build a sense of camaraderie and drive your ideal customers to you without spending all your time pushing your business on them?

Sound impossible? It’s not! I’ve worked on dozens of internal and external marketing and communication strategies across a wide range of industries and I love partnering with people to build custom programs, initiatives, and campaigns to make running their marketing strategies easier, so you can focus on being more profitable.

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Ever run into these issues?

You want to engage your blog readers but you’re not sure how…
Your employee morale is wavering, but you’re not sure where to start…
Your non-profit is low on cash, but your last few attempts at fundraising weren’t as effective as they should have been and you’re not sure why…

Not to worry! We’ll work together to create a detailed marketing strategy for your business, product, service, or campaign to help you gain clarity and start taking action today. These intensive working sessions help you find your focus and provide the tools and resources to find success beyond our meetings. I will give you my easy 6-step process and effortless templates to build a marketing strategy for any product!

These sessions will help you build a custom strategy that:

  • Defines your brand and products
  • Determines your audience and channels
  • Sets clear goals and objectives
  • Gains clarity and move forward with practical tools
  • Measures progress and achieve results

The Marketing Revolution

A coaching package to take your business to new heights

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Whether you’re a new company, or you’ve been in business for a while, if you need help developing a marketing plan for your company, or a specific service, product or campaign – this package is for you!

We’ll spend the next 6 weeks together as we breakdown each of the 6 steps I’ve developed to help build the perfect marketing strategy for your needs. There will be intensive working sessions, homework, and an abundance of email communications but by the end you will have a custom strategy in place and more importantly the tools and know-how to recreate that process next time.

person holding black pen and book near pink ceramic mugAs a BONUS you will receive a follow-up email with additional resources for Growing and Sustaining your strategy two weeks after completing the Marketing Revoluion sessions!

Includes: pre-session questionnaire, six – 60 minute calls or Skype sessions breaking-down the six step process over the next 6 weeks, detailed marketing outline personalized to your needs and all the templates and tools used in the process.

Investment: $3000

Ready to find out if I’m a good fit?

Start by filling out the form below so I can better understand your needs. You will receive my recommendations within 48 hours (M-F) as well as a FREE bonus workbook when you opt into my email newsletter!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started today!

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