Let’s create a culture of happier, thriving Creatives.

I am a success coach for the creative daydreamer, on a mission to teach creatives how to reclaim their happiness, rediscover their identity, and reach new levels of success through their truth. If you ever find yourself thinking:

I want to feel more happiness in my life.
I want to discover my identity in my art.
I want to find my voice in my message
I want my creative endeavors to create impact in the world.

and you’re ready to thrive, I’m ready to show you how.

Creative IdEntity Crisis – turning fear into opportunity

Life is full of bumps and trials, but the loss of your old identity is a hard one to shake. In this self-paced course, discover whats holding you back, how to let go of the past, unearth your true identity to turn fear into opportunities that will change your life while creating impact on the world around you through your creative endeavors.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to accept the loss and grieve for your old identity
  • Why recreating a new identity is important and how it will change your life and career
  • What is your WHY
  • How to reclaim your creativity to open up new opportunities and act with intention
  • How to change the lens through which you view challenges
  • How your authentic voice affects your success in the creative world
  • Where to find value in our truth and how we can turn up the volume on our voice and make our truth heard
  • How to create an environment that promotes your truth
  • How discovering your purpose can foster empowerment, collaboration, and innovation in yourself AND those around you to change your creative career forever
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