Giveaway and Review Guidelines

I love to work with brands and bloggers that I believe in, and what better what than to provide authentic and HONEST reviews, and giveaways!

I’m picky about brands I work with, I want to ensure they are a great fit for my readers, something I can proudly support. All product samples, services and destinations must be non-returnable and of the same stock that my readers would purchase.

Review Guidelines

All reviews will be 100% authentic, which means I will talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly (if need be)! NOTE: this is why I’m picky, to avoid unnecessary negative reviews! If I am unable to provide a generally positive review, I will notify you.

You will provide:

  • Normal size product, service, or destination access
  • $50 writing fee per 500 words
  • Any additional expenses required such as travel

I will provide:

  • Honest review within 4 weeks of receiving the product, service, or destination experience.
  • Preview of review prior to publishing if requested.
  • Candid lifestyle photos to showcase my experience in an authentic way
  • Published post will be pushed to my Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter profiles.

Giveaway Guidelines

Giveaways are combined with reviews, however only if the review is overwhelmingly positive. In addition to the above:

You will provide:

  • Access to the product, service, or destination experience to the winner(s) of the giveaway be it direct shipping, email, etc.
  • Any brand specific guidelines required to enter
  • $25 fee for additional marketing to followers

I will provide:

  • Marketing of the giveaway to my followers via blog and social media accounts
  • Host the giveaway through rafflecopter and choose winner(s)

Please send an email to ariana.n.dagan [at] gmail [dot] com if interested in setting up a product review or giveaway.