Imagine having a cheerleader in your back pocket.  

Someone you can reach out to when you need it most, someone who keeps you accountable during the hardest parts of your newest project, or helps you fight your way out of creative blocks and keeps you motivated on a weekly basis.
Someone who wants nothing less than for you to realize your full potential, turn up the volume on your voice and live a creative life full of confidence.
Someone who can give you clarity, accountability and structure with your creative endeavors with the click of a button.
This is unlike anything else out there. Imagine all the benefits of a heavy duty course, AND coaching put together sent directly to your email each week. Lesson plans, hyper-focused exercises, conversation at the touch of a button, no long boring videos, no midday calls. Only a 4 week commitment to change your life forever.
Imagine a life where you can confidently and proudly declare yourself a professional [insert creative profession here]! A life where you know exactly where your creative endeavors will take you, and who you are as a creative. With this interactive coaching program, you can accomplish all of that and more!

This is ideal for you if...

  • you’re not ready to commit to long term coaching
  • you’re an introvert and talking on the phone sounds terrifying
  • you can’t figure out how to get your creative endeavor to where you want it to be
  • you have no time to schedule calls in the middle of your day!
  • you ever find yourself losing focus midway through a project
  • you can’t seem to get past the creative blocks in your way
  • and you need constant motivation to keep you thriving

How it works:

It’s important that with email coaching we hyper-focus on one specific area you need help in. You will fall into one of the following areas:
  • You need a creative reset and focus for your projects or are done suffering from reoccurring creative block
  • You need help building a creative road-map for your business or hobby that you can stick to (and doesn’t require 30 pages of numbers and boring text)
  • You need help realizing the full potential of your individual creative identity 
Within 48 hours of your purchase you will receive a digital welcome packet from me it will include:
  • personal message from me
  • description of the process
  • your custom outline of dates and modules
  • access to tools and resources to get your started
  • FAQ
Unless otherwise mentioned, your first week digital workbook will be sent within 48 hours of the welcome packet. For the next four weeks you will receive a digital workbook each week following the outline identified in the welcome packet. Throughout the four weeks we will discuss the exercises and responses via email to ensure you are maximizing the resources and getting the most out of the lessons. You can expect responses within 48 hours (not available during weekends). Remember, you only get out, what you put in! Workbooks will include:
  • message from me
  • your weekly lesson
  • exercise(s) based specifically on your focus area
  • motivational tools
  • access to additional resources and more

Ready to get started?

Choose your preferred focus area below to get started today – no “discovery call” required! 
For any questions please contact prior to purchase. As all products are digital, there are no refunds, however you can cancel your purchase within the first 48 hours. 
Please note, space is limited to ensure I am giving each client a VIP treatment, you can review current openings below. If interested please reach out ASAP to book your spot, or get on the waiting list!

*As of May 1:
Mindset + Road-Map= 1 opening
Creative Mindset Reset=2 openings
Creative Road-map=2 openings

Creative Mindset Reset

The Creative Road-Map

Mindset + Road-Map

If you are suffering from creative block, impostor syndrome, a lack of confidence in yourself as a creative or finding yourself unclear or unfocused on your purpose or identity, this course is for you.  
Over the next 6 weeks I will walk you through  pin-pointing your own identity as a creative. We will define your sense of purpose, building focus and momentum, and breaking through any blocks.
If the thought of writing a business plan hurts your head, I’ve got good news. There is a way to create the business you’ve always dreampt of without the head-spinning paperwork!
During this 4 week coaching course I will walk you through the process of building a road-map to your dream-worthy creative business in a way that feels approachable, easy, and sustainable! 
Need a mindset reset to jumpstart your creative endeavor? This hybrid email coaching course includes all the objectives of the Creative Mindset Reset AND the Creative Road-Map. 
For the next 10 weeks I will teach you how to get in touch with your identity as a creative and help you build a business that is all you.