Engagement Strategies: develop a custom engagement strategy for your interacting with your blog readers, non-profit community and donors, and employees.

Program Development: Support and maintenance to develop personalized programs, events, and campaigns.

Content Design: Create visual communications including newsletters, PDFs, workbooks, e-mail templates etc.

Copy-editing and Proofreading
: editing blog posts, reviewing press releases, looking over donor letters to make sure you didn’t misspell anything, editing your business marketing materials

Data Entry:  compiling spreadsheets, organizing client/employee/donor/customer files electronically

Facebook Group Management: organizing and managing your private Facebook group on your behalf including scheduling posts, clarifying concepts and coordinate live events etc.

Presentation Formatting: looking over all the details and aesthetic of your slides and content, making sure that what you’re presenting makes sense, helping you to create a presentation that clearly communicates your goals, ideas, and vision

Graphic Design: anything you need designed for related marketing collateral, presentations and events to make your branding consistent across the board

Research and Survey Tasks: conduct market research and analysis for your specific audience, develop personalized surveys

Develop FAQ Library: produce and maintain FAQ library based on your customer/client/donor/employee questions

Social Media Management: schedule Facebook posts, manage likes and comments, post tweets on your behalf, answering messages, and helping to keep your pages up to date. I’ll also help you find articles to queue, royalty free photos for blog posts and tweets, and help grow your accounts by interacting for you on your social media!

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