Virtual Assistant Services

Let’s Level Up Your Engagement Strategy

What if I told you that creating and maintaining engagement strategies for your blog, business, and non-profit, didn’t have to take over your life? That keeping people connected, content, and communicating could be easy, and actually fun? That you could build a sense of camaraderie online, with your employees, or your local community without spending all your time planning engaging activities or campaigns?

Welcome! I’ve worked on dozens of events, activities and communication strategies across a wide range of industries and I love partnering with people to build programs initiatives, and campaigns to make running their engagement strategies easier, so you can focus on being more profitable.

Virtual Assistant Services!

Focus on your next big project, while everything else is taken care of for your blog, business, or non-profit!

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Content and Program Development

Do you have a great idea for a blog post, event, or fundraising campaign but struggle to find the time to put it together? Working with me is a low-stress way to get your content or program out to your audience. I will work with you to:

• Develop personalized engagement strategies for blogs, businesses and non-profits, including but not limited to:
-fundraising, social media and MOC campaigns
-employee engagement programs
-learning and development and mentoring initiatives
-recognition and on-boarding guides etc.

• Content and graphic design for your blog, presentations, marketing collateral, workbooks, newsletters, PDFs etc.
and so much more!

Maintenance and Management

macbook air flower bouquet and magazines on white tableOnce your initiative or campaign is developed, I will work with you:

• Copy editing, proofreading and data entry
Conduct surveys
• Develop FAQ library
Create email response templates
Facebook group management
Social media management
and so much more!

I offer custom built plans for your convenience:

Also includes: pre-assisting questionnaire with a 30 minute consultation to discuss contract needs, 30 minute check-in call or Skype sessions each week of service, detailed engagement outline personalized to your blog, business, or non-profit. Part-time, full-time or temporary contracts customized to your needs! 4 week minimum commitment required.

Ready to find out if I’m a good fit?

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So what are you waiting for, let’s get started today!