hi there!

So happy to have you here! I am an impressionist painter, pen and ink illustrator, personal development consultant & writer living in Northern California with my husband, our daughter, and our two fur-children. My art ‘studio’ is a dining table covered in playdoh and dog toys.

I’m inspired by the magic of nature and the colors of the wind, I seek the unknown, the unspoken, and the curiosities for my art. I enjoy most mediums, my favorites are acrylic, gouache, watercolor, pen and ink, and digital painting.

I produce art for stationary, textiles, home decor and the gift market.

I also write for Lady AND Reverie, a spiritual awakening and soul discovery personal development blog and am an aspiring kidlit author.

I‘m looking forward to new opportunities and to every exciting new project. 

Let‘s make the world a bit more interesting! 

If you have inquiries, wish to collaborate, are interested in licensing or commissioning art, please get in touch: