Pin Holder Material List

Today we’re making a pin holder for your collectible pins using things you probably already have around the house, if not, you can find all of them at your local dollar store. We’re taking 5-minute crafts back to only 5 minutes. Check out the super quick tutorial below, and find the list of materials further …

Halloween Quilt Top Tutorial

Today I’m making my first (ever) quilt top! I’m using the pattern Modern T from Missouri Star Quilt Company, and Halloween fabric from a layer cake (check the material list below for specific links). Many learning curves, but such a fun and addicting process and I can’t wait to make my next quilt. Products Used:

How to Paint a Glass Doll Eye

How I created the glass doll eye I used in the making of Tryx and the same process used for Kota. Below you can find the materials I used to create these eyes so you can make your own! You can also find the materials lists for Tryx here and Kota here! Process: I prefer …

Making Tryx – Monster Art Doll

Welcome back for my second attempt at a plush art doll! In case you missed my first attempt, you can meet Kota here. Click below to watch me create this fuzzy masterpiece, or scroll down to see all the supplies I used! Products Used:

May Online Thrift Haul Craft Supply Unboxing

Welcome to my first ever online thrift haul craft supply unboxing! I recently snatched this impressive box up for only $40 (yes, including shipping!) and inside were over $350 worth of craft and art supplies – UNUSED! Can’t wait to share this haul with you. Check below for the items I received, most are the …