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The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Content Planning for Beginners + FREE Workbook with 57 content ideas!

Social Media can be both time consuming, and confusing, which is why I’ve created a cheat sheet list of 57 topic ideas + a FREE workbook for you to use to make the process of social media content marketing EASY and FAST. Imagine planning ALL of your social media platforms content for the next 30 […]

Overwhelmed with tasks for your new business? FREE Evaluation Checklist

Hello mama-bear-preneurs! If you’re a newer business, still in the planning stages, or maybe even been hustling for a bit and feel like you might be missing something…you probably are! There is so much to keep track of when starting a business. And truthfully, there’s a lot that you might not even need either. [RELATED: 6 […]

5 ways to turn standard experimental marketing strategies upside down

Ever heard of experimental marketing? Once upon a time, it used to be called engagement marketing. The idea was to engage with your audience in a hands-on event, and the experience would encourage the attendees to tell everyone about YOU. Sounds fun. And expensive. And maybe really not that useful. I mean sure, if your […]

The 5 Best Things About Running a Small Business from your Kitchen Table

Running a small business (or large one!) is no small feat, and the difficulties are abundant. Ask any owner what the hardest aspects are, and the list will go on and on. But what about the best things? I ask this question in every coaching session, and I’m heartbroken about the pause, “ums” and scrambled […]

What is content marketing, and why you don’t need it

Content marketing is the creation and distribution of content related to your business, service or product, with the intent of attracting a specific audience to drive a preferred action. Simple enough right? The problem is, content marketing is NOISE to customers. In a single experience, content marketing is focused on getting a specific persons attention […]

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