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Ever feel like your emails are getting ignored by your employees? Sure they respond within minutes if its in regards to the current project, but then complain that they didn’t know about Friday morning’s doughnut party starting at 7AM.


The “problem” is your employees are paid to work and get their jobs done before a deadline. Doesn’t sound like a bad problem to have, right? Well, yes and no.

This “problem” stems from the company culture that YOU as a leader have created. If you have created a culture where the number one, two, and three top priorities are to get work done, then those will be the top three priorities of your employees. I know that doesn’t sound like a bad thing as people are getting their work done. However, there are two major problems here. The first is doing the same work over and over, day in and day out, gets repetitive, and repetition gets boring and bored employees start looking for new challenges outside your company. The second issue is appreciation. Employees doing the same work everyday, don’t tend to get shown appreciation as often as they would like. And underappreciated employees – start looking elsewhere to get some appreciation. See a pattern?

So what can you do as a leader? Change up your company culture. Encourage appreciation between employees, encourage employees to challenge themselves, to step outside of their comfort zone to try new things, improve business processes and give YOU reasons to show appreciation for them.

Company culture stars with the leaders. Lead by example to change their priorities – now I’m not saying they shouldn’t focus on getting work done on time, but if they can get it done while enjoying their job, while challenging each other and respecting YOU as their leader – then I promise you they will get it done faster, more effectively, and more contentedly. And that decreases turnover, increases productivity, and profits!

So let me know in the comments below how you will change up your company culture to influence your employees in a positive way.


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