The 5 Best Things About Running a Small Business from your Kitchen Table

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Running a small business (or large one!) is no small feat, and the difficulties are abundant. Ask any owner what the hardest aspects are, and the list will go on and on. But what about the best things? I ask this question in every coaching session, and I’m heartbroken about the pause, “ums” and scrambled answers I receive. I’m not saying you should 100% enjoy EVERY aspect of your company, but if you don’t enjoy most of it, there’s a problem. One of my personal checks in coaching, is asking that same question post-program completion and I LOVE hearing the new confident answers.

So what are the best things about running a business from your kitchen table? Here are five biggies I hear most often:


  1. Being your own boss. Sure self-discipline is no easy task, but not worrying about a micro-manager over your shoulder, a manager who chooses favorites or prefers pitting people against each other – no better peace of mind. You make the rules, and if you don’t like them…at least you have a personal relationship with the person who can change them!
  2. Seeing the big picture. Working for someone else means you are working for their vision, their dream, and building their big picture. It also means you sometimes need to guess and check if you’re on the right track because you can’t see it the way they do (not to mention if they are horrible at communication)! In your business its your big picture, you get to build it the way you want it, and no one else has a say in that process. What a beautiful thing!
  3. Flexibility. Are you an early riser and want to be done working by 3PM. Done. Do you enjoy sleeping in or enjoying your coffee a little longer? Go for it! You want to wear PJs to that conference call? Live your best life! Your company, your schedule (plus the coffee is only steps away at all times!). Of course this can depend on your industry and business type, but generally – if you want to take Tuesday’s off – you got it!
  4. Evolving. Maybe this isn’t a positive for some people – but personally, I love change. I love learning and I love evolving. Both me as a person and my company. Being your own boss means you control that. You want to learn a new technology? Go for it! You want to experiment with a new product line? Try it! You want to evolve the brand into a completely different direction? Your choice! Not to say these are always in your companies best interest, its certainly something you need to be careful with (overspending, over-experimenting, evolving too quickly or too often….) but its your decision, and that makes all the difference!
  5. Calling the shots. Its a common misconception, especially in the beginning, you need to take every job that comes your way. When you work for someone else, you have no choice. You do what your told, with what you’ve been given, in the timeline you were assigned. With your own company, you can fire customers that don’t respect you or you business, or better yet – not take them on in the first place. You call the shots, you decide who gets to work with you. Hello self respect!

I’d love to hear from you, whats your favorite part about running your own business? Drop a comment below!


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