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What is content marketing_
Content marketing is the creation and distribution of content related to your business, service or product, with the intent of attracting a specific audience to drive a preferred action.

Simple enough right?

The problem is, content marketing is NOISE to customers. In a single experience, content marketing is focused on getting a specific persons attention and encouraging that person to purchase something specifically targeted at them (do you see a pattern?). But the world is crowded, and content is everywhere. As consumers we are BOMBARDED with content marketing. Everywhere we turn we see ads targeting us, using our google searches against us. Ever looked up cat videos for a quick laugh, and get cat food ads for the next week…even though you don’t have a cat?

Only 45% of marketers think that their Facebook efforts are effective.
(Social Media Examiner, 2015) (Source: https://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics)

And this why. If you don’t know your customer inside and out, then I guarantee you are wasting your money and time.

So I bet your wondering, if I’m not using content marketing, what should I be doing instead?

Actually, you should be using content marketing.

But strategically. Build your content around your ideal customers. Don’t know who your ideal customer is? Find out. And then focus on them. Content marketing is the future, or at least the present. The key is reducing the noise. If your ideal client doesn’t read blogs – why are you blogging? If they don’t have time to watch YouTube, why are you creating videos? Yes everyone says those are great platforms – because they are. But they are only great for YOU if they are perfect for your CLIENTS.

It’s time to take a hard look at your current marketing strategy and see where you can reduce the noise. If you want customers to look at a certain page on your website, why do you have 4 others that aren’t pushing that page? Reducing the noise allows you to  hyper-focus on your customer, and your customer can focus on you without being distracted by everything else. Reduce the noise, and trust me, your customers will thank you.

Need help analyzing where to reduce, who your customer is, and where they hang out? Contact me today and let’s refocus your business together.





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