Month: June 2019

When Self Doubt Creeps In: 6 Super Simple Ways to Ditch the Doubt and Live Your Best Creative Life

Ah self doubt, hello darkness, my old friend. You come when I least expect you to and stay far longer than you are welcome. You seep into my very being, infect my ideas, sour my projects, and plant disease into my soul. No, that’s not an exaggeration. Self-doubt is truly evil. Often it begins with […]

4 Anger Management Techniques to Tame Your Temper and Save You From Suffering a Heart Attack or Hurting Someone You Love

Don’t let society tell you otherwise. Anger is perfectly natural. If you’ve been wronged or hurt in some way and feel anger as a response – that is okay. It’s your prerogative as a human being to feel whatever way you feel. Doing so is healthy. What has the potential to not be natural or […]

Stop Failing to Accomplish your dreams: 22 Goal Setting Resources to Set, Organize and Find Success This Year in your life, business and career

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty much a professional at writing lists followed by immediately losing (or simply ignoring) them. I think that accurately sums up how my goal setting goes as well. Recently I’ve been on a frenzy to fix that, determined this is the year I will appropriately organize my goals […]

Learn How to Strengthen Your Intuition, When to Listen to Your Internal Voice, and How Trust Your Gut Instinct

Your gut instinct is one of the most unique qualities and strongest traits about you. Only you have access to this influential tool and only you have the power to use it. We’re often told “trust your gut” but never told how. Never taught how to listen, how to interpret, how to decipher what our […]

Productivity Roundup: 16 Women Share their Best Tips, Strategies and Tools to Help you Manage Your Workload and Make the Most Out of Your Time

Productivity is this beautiful dream we all share as multitasking women, mothers, and female entrepreneurs. Getting more done with less time and maybe even get some peace of mind! The great news is, its completely possible. The trick is to find a system that works for you! So I’ve compiled some of the best tips, […]

What is Impostor Syndrome, How to Stop Feeling Like a Fraud and Befriend the Impostor

The day Impostor Syndrome hit me, was not a day I was as expecting. I had been wary of it, constantly checking and rechecking myself just waiting for Impostor Syndrome to kick me out of the life I was living. But days came and went and life went on. My confidence was soaring, my general […]

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