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After painting my adorable buddy jazzy Jaxie, I decided to sculpt her! Using a wooden peg doll, polymer clay, Air Dry Clay, and of course my handmade glass eyeball, watch me create an armature, sculpt her and paint with acrylics. keep an eye out for a lovely series of mistakes (and how I fixed them) to bring this adorable princess ballerina to life.

  1. Peg Doll
  2. Apoxie Sculpt
  3. Cabachon
  4. Birch Wood Slice
  5. Skewers
  6. Buttons
  7. Paint
  8. Varnish
  9. Sequins
  10. Yarn
  11. Sculpting Tools
  12. Cutting Mat
  13. Daisy Buttons

Products Used:

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