30 Fun Spring Activities for Singles, Couples and Families + FREE Spring Bucket List Printable!

30 Bucket List Ideas for Spring by Ariana Dagan

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30 Bucket List Ideas for Spring by Ariana Dagan

Spring is almost here and I’M SO EXCITED! I’ve got baby plants taking over my kitchen and Spring means it’s almost time to get them into the garden (and take back my kitchen)! My daughter is mobile now, so I sat down to create a spring bucket list for us to accomplish this season as a family, and wanted to make sure it was friendly for ANYONE and EVERYONE!

The sun peaking through the clouds makes us all want to jump into our bathing suits, but the air is still cold, so bundle up to avoid a Spring cold, and let’s get going! And don’t forget to read all the way down so you can grab your FREE Spring Bucket List Printable Checklist!

30 Fun Spring Activities For Any Age by Ariana Dagan

1 | Take advantage of a clear day and go fly a kite!
2 | Plant an herb garden!
3 | Have a picnic in the park!
4 | Build a Birdfeeder using bird feed and peanut butter shaped into cookie cutters and hang from trees!
5 | Make a bouquet from wildflowers and leave on a neighbors doorstep (with a thoughtful card) to make their day!
6 | Swing on a swing set – this is a must at ANY AGE!
7 | Head to a protected sanctuary, butterfly exhibit or your local zoo to see the wildlife come alive!
8 | Go on a hike! Doesn’t have to be advanced, just get outside and move!
9 | Shop the local farmers market, support local, get CHEAP, FRESH veggies and meet your neighbors!
10 | Pick your food, many farms offer ‘U-Pick‘ days, where you can come and pick fruits and veggies for much cheaper than the grocery store!
11 | Skip rocks at a local pond!
12 | Take advantage of clear days without excessive heat and play some mini-golf!
13 | Spot shapes in the clouds!
14 | Try a new lemonade recipe!
15 | Host a Board Game night!
16 | Look for rainbows!
17 | Make a wind-chime using only materials around your home!
18 | Begin a bird watching hobby!
19 | Ride your bike around town!
20 | Get the spring cleaning bug and reorganize your home!
21 |Visit your local flea market and discover new goodies!
22 | Stargaze in the backyard!
23 | Play with sidewalk chalk on your driveway!
24 | Go on a Spring Scavenger hunt!
25 | Have a yard sale and get rid of stuff you don’t need!
26 | Volunteer somewhere, non-profit thrift shops are always looking for people!
27 | Join a community garden!
28 | Go for a nature walk, discover new areas and plants!
29 | Take a nap in a hammock!
30 | Play yard games in your backyard!

Click the image below to download your spring bucket list!

30 Fun Spring Activities for any age by ariana dagan

Drop a comment below if you’ll be following this bucket list!

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