Month: March 2019

Children’s Book Review of The Big Book of Girl Power

My family is a is a huge fan of superheros, and Wonder Woman is my personal favorite. I’m excited to not only introduce my daughter to the world of superheros (as she gets old enough to understand), but show her the female side to superheros as well. This is only one of many superhero books she […]

My Favorite Spring Decor Finds for Under $25

Spring is finally here and I’m partly in ‘get-rid-of-everything’ mode, and partly in ‘refresh-everything’ mode! So here are some of my favorite things I’ve found lately in my search to refresh my home, all for under $25 (I love me a good bargain)! [RELATED: 30 Fun Spring Activities for Singles, Couples and Families + FREE Spring […]

Herbs 101: Starting a Budget Friendly Herb Garden in 6 Affordable Steps!

So you’ve reached the point in your cooking career where store bought herbs aren’t cutting it anymore. When fresh is best and store bought bottles don’t cut it and homemade is the only thing that will do. Time to start your own herb garden! The great news is, it’s easy! And can be as cheap […]

Herbs 101: Harvesting and Preserving + FREE Quick Reference Printable!

Homemade herbs and spices are magical. If you’ve never tried them I highly recommend switching from store bought today! Its cheaper, easy to do, and the taste will blow your mind! In fact, it’s super easy to grow your own herbs, even in your kitchen, no yard required! HARVESTING HERBS Once your herbs start coming […]

30 Fun Spring Activities for Singles, Couples and Families + FREE Spring Bucket List Printable!

Spring is almost here and I’M SO EXCITED! I’ve got baby plants taking over my kitchen and Spring means it’s almost time to get them into the garden (and take back my kitchen)! My daughter is mobile now, so I sat down to create a bucket list for us to accomplish this season as a […]

17 Ways to Build Your Self-Confidence in 5 Minutes a Day!

Self-Confidence is this magical thing that can change your life. It can make you feel better about yourself, influence the way others see you, give you a sense of peace and happiness, and good luck and good fortune. Well maybe not the last couple. You have to do all the work, but trust me, confidence […]

Mood Board Monday | A Colorado Living Room Decor Inspiration

Happy Monday! Last week we got inspired by a piece of art called “Little Colorado River Confluence” which was full of elegant, fall jewel tones that created a rich color palette inspiration. Today, we’re using that palette to create a mood board for a living room! I love how elegant this room looks without feeling […]

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