The Big Book of Girl Power Children's Book Review by Ariana Dagan

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The Big Book of Girl Power Children's Book Review by Ariana Dagan

My family is a is a huge fan of superheros, and Wonder Woman is my personal favorite. I’m excited to not only introduce my daughter to the world of superheros (as she gets old enough to understand), but show her the female side to superheros as well. This is only one of many superhero books she has in her library! Read on to here my review of The Big Book of Girl Power!

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The Big Book of Girl Power

Written by: Julie Merberg
Pages: 32
Age Range: 4+
Publisher: Downtown Bookworks
ISBN: 1941367232 

What you’ll find:  DC Superheros, Super girl, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Katana

I love this child sized encyclopedia of female DC superheros! It’s a great introduction into some of the bigger superheros out there, and makes a great ‘first geek’ style book! My daughter is too young to understand right now, but she loves flipping through the pages, the colors are vibrant and I love that she’ll be able to learn about lots of inspiring women as she grows with it.

I especially appreciate the diversity in the book with some of the lesser known characters representing different cultures (including aliens), skin colors, and simply different types of intelligence. It’s not always about being rich to make a difference, many of the characters are everyday people working as scientists or librarians and using their brains to fight crime!

I have no doubt many parents will be concerned about the lack of clothing that female superheros are known for (not) wearing, but I think its important to make this a discussion topic as children grow up. A book like this is important for the message of being able to do anything that you set your mind to, not to necessarily emulate and certainly not emulate outfits.

Personally, I love the format of this. It’s not a story book, but instead more of a fun encyclopedia and I think that is a fun change of pace on a bookshelf! I love the mini messages that each character comes with (no spoilers!) and I think not only will any kid appreciate this book (male or female), I think its an adorable book for any adult geek bookshelf as well!

The book itself is really nice looking, with a hard cover and nice thick pages for turning. The cover has a metallic sheen and the overall design is very modern meets classic comic book style! The ‘girl power’ style isn’t my personal cup of tea, but to each their own. I think giving girls a fun character to look up to is fantastic!

Would I recommend: Absolutely! As mentioned, I’m a superhero fan, and a Wonder Woman fan especially, and this book fits the bill perfectly. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone, regardless of gender or age!

What do you think? Is this book in your collection, or do you think you’ll add it? Let me know your thoughts below!

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