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Netflix’s Daredevil is one of my husband’s favorite TV shows, and he’s so excited that tomorrow season airs!

inspiredhomedecor-daredevilI’m not the biggest fan, not because I’m not a superhero fan – the opposite, I love Marvel! This particular show is a little too bloody and violent for my taste. I still watch though (well, more like hide behind a pillow for half of it “watch”)!

For anyone else who hasn’t come out from behind a pillow to watch it – it’s about a BLIND lawyer named Matt Murdock fighting crime at night. Yup. The concept is pretty darn cool. He is a HELL of a fighter because of his other senses are heightened. Plus his father was a boxer, so he’s been training most of his life. This season should be pretty interesting, and I want to avoid any spoilers, but if you want a fast version just watch the end of the Defenders! It stars Charlie Cox as Daredevil and lots of crossover actors from the other Defender shows. If your like superheros, dark shows, vigilantes and don’t mind excessive violence and bloody scenes, you’ll love this!

I do however love Matt’s apartment. It’s massive, with huge windows, beautiful floors and industrial architecture. The decor could use a little help but he is a single bachelor who is literally never home…oh and blind! I thought it would fun to create my own version of his apartment, by warming up the cold industrial look with some chic accents. Check my decor mood board and let me know what you think!

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Boxing Bunny + Boxing Bulldog Framed Art| I love these framed 17″x 20″ art prints, so cute and clever I’m sure anyone could appreciate them!

Boxing Terrier Framed Art| I have a couple terriers at home so maybe I’m partial, but how could anyone resist this adorable face??

Industrial Lighting Fixture |This beautiful chandelier is a clever unification of hard metals and soft design.

Leather Tufted Sofa | This gorgeous couch is the perfect touch for any room. Instant glam, classic style with both feminine and masculine details.

Pipe Decor Stand | This fun little organizer would look great on ANY table, you could organize books, DVDs, etc. I’m sure Matt would use it for his Law books!

Vintage Window Mirror | I’m not the only obsessed with the ‘barn door’ sliding art and doors right?? Vintage chic? Check. Functional mirror? Check. Fun sliding action? Check! What’s not to love?

Red Locker Cabinet| This is straight out of Matt Murdock’s apartment! I couldn’t resist adding it because I have one as well! Actually we have two, and they are in white but I still LOVE them! They have keys to lock up as well and keep little prying hands out of!

Plaid Blanket | What room is complete without a comfy throw blanket? And what could be better than plaid, flannel and sherpa? I could see myself curling up under this and never leaving.

Vintage Area Rug | I’m a sucker for this style of rug. So understated and beautiful, I feel like they really add to a rooms atmosphere and character without overwhelming things.

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Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did putting it together! Drop a comment below if you watch Daredevil, or have anything pop culture inspired in your home!





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