Practical magic inspired home decor

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Practical Magic is one of my favorite movies growing up, and not just around Halloween, so I purposely shared this post-Halloween madness.

Practical magic inspired home decorIt’s about sisters who are witches, cursed in the matters of the heart. They discover they are stronger together than apart as they battle real life as well as witchcraft issues.

It stars Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman and is the perfect encapsulation of late 90’s movies! (AKA standard cheesy romantic comedy to the max) – I love it!

Not to mention their amazing Victorian house and the gorgeous kitchen and a conservatory I didn’t even know I needed until I saw it! Even at 10, the first time I saw the movie, I was ready to move in. Too bad it was only a set…So, I thought it would fun to bring in some of the beautiful magic elements of their home, the conservatory especially, to create a decor mood board, check it out and let me know what you think!

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Practical magic inspired home decor

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Window Mirror | Their conservatory is surrounded by glorious vintage windows, those might not be considered so energy efficient these days, so converting beautiful window frames into a functional mirror? PERFECT.

Peonies | The sisters home was covered in flowers, and that can get expensive fast which is why us normal people have to rely on fake flowers to make things pretty! I personally love peonies, and these peonies come in a dozen colors – SWOON!

Ceramic Pitcher | My mom always had a vintage white ceramic pitcher with (fake) flowers in them, and I’ve been looking for the perfect shape to add to my home, I love the simplicity of this one, no exaggerated shapes, bloated curves – this has the perfect simple, understated shape for me.

Hanging Herb Garden | The ladies are herbalists, so you know they have herbs all over their house and this indoor hanging garden is perfect for the herbs in my (tiny) kitchen!

Table Lamp | I’m obsessed with the art deco hanging light the ladies keep in their greenhouse, and while I can’t find one exactly (not that there is anywhere I could put it anyway) I did find this beautiful table lamp with extremely similar lines and colors. It’s stunning and look at the detail on the base! No detail left out, and easy to find a place for! 😉

Vintage Botanical Wall Art | Am I the only one who loves these hanging kits for their art? Add in vintage botanical and I’m practically drooling. This lovely 20″x 28″ poster is of wildflowers, but I’m also partial to the Succulents, and Minerologie posters as well!

Pillar Candles | You can’t have a ‘witchy’ inspired room without candles of course, so grab a set in varying heights and spread them out!

Glass Cloche Bell Jar | I have a collection of bell jars around my house, they are addictive for some reason. I love filling them with holiday decor (eggs, lights, ornaments etc.), dead flowers, art toys, pretty (unlit obviously) candles, etc.!

Carved Console Table |LOOK AT THE CARVED DETAILS ON THE TOP OF THIS TABLE! It’s gorgeous, I’m completely obsessed. I can totally see this in their home, ornate details on a simple white table is up their alley!


Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did putting it together! Drop a comment below if you’ve ever seen Practical Magic, or are obsessed as much as me, or have anything pop culture inspired in your home!





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