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Riverdale Inspired Style

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I’m admittedly late to CW’s Riverdale party, but WHOA am I hooked. I couldn’t stand the first episode. It was boooooooooooooooooring, melodramatic and they left the hook until the last minute of the episode. Once you get past the high school drama and often weak dialog, this show is awesome, and if you haven’t checked it out honestly, I highly recommend it. (I know, that was confusing – but I promise it’s a strong story line after you get passed the other stuff!)

inspiredstyle- riverdaleCheryl Blossom is actually not my favorite character but I’d die for her closet, and any time I can pull off some causal cosplay – count me in!

I’ll skip the show synopsis, but you have to know that Cheryl is the stereotypical mean girl, and the popular TV trope for a small town rich girl. She wears pretty much black and red all the time (my favorite colors!) and has impeccable taste.

So without further ado, I grabbed my favorite (not red and black) outfit from Season 1 and recreated the look on a much more affordable budget (and more mama date night ready)!

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Spider Brooch | Cheryl has a signature red spider brooch, and I’m pretty sure it should be necessary for everyone to have one. Or at least a brooch of some sort. I love brooches.

Green High-Waist Skirt | Who can resist a cute high-waist skirt? Especially one with built in pleats to hide mommy pouch (just me??). Love this dark hunter color! I feel any green skirt could work here, but a little longer while still fitted adds a classy tone to any sex-appeal.

Gold Bow Choker | Chokers can be cute after 15 if they are simple enough. I feel like this gold bow is understated and classy, fun enough to lighten up date night without making you feel too nostalgic for making out in the back of cars.

Moto Jacket | I have an embarrassingly large collection of faux leather jackets in every color imaginable. You know my husband judges me every time I add a new black one to my collection, but this one is soooooooo cute so he might just have to get over it….

Polka Dot Blouse | Cheryl’s top is almost $80 at J. Crew – so I figured I’d skip the black cherry’s and switch to polka dots because they are FUN and CLASSIC. Dress this adorable top up for a night out, or down for shopping with the gals!

Chunky Heels | I think Cheryl would opt for stilettos but I’m loving chunky heels right now and I think these would look amazing with this outfit! Besides chunky heels are so much easier to pair with more causal outfits for everyday use!

Sleek Black Purse | You can never have too many purses right? Cheryl prefers Prada, I prefer more bang for my buck #sorrynotsorry

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Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did putting it together! Drop a comment below if you watch Riverdale, or venture into any casual cosplay yourself!





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