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  • I love this! So many people settle for whatever job they happen to get without taking the time to make sure they are really working for something that they are passionate about. However, if you stop to consider how much of our lives is dedicated to our careers, it’s like tossing it away! Thank you for the tips.

  • Thanks for breaking down the difference between passion and purpose. It’s very important to understand both! And this is a great way to figure out what my passion is so that I can live a more fulfilling life!

  • Wow this post is so inspiring! I love the questions you asked and how you said that often your passion and purpose align. I think that’s so important to remember!

  • I love this! It really made me think about what I truly enjoy…Organizing, writing and cooking. I guess I’m bringing that to life in my blog now!

  • I’ve noticed as I got older that I have many passions that intertwine. I found the questions not only help with identifying passion but also for me show how I’ve lived with passion and still focus on my why. Thanks for sharing these great questions.

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