Time to Stop Existing to Find Your Purpose in Life and Start Living WITH Purpose, ON Purpose.

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Some people are born knowing their purpose. They know seemingly from the beginning what they need to do in life. Others aren’t so lucky. They have to work for it. They have to try new things, often. They have to fail over and over (and over) again until one day something clicks. At least that’s what “they” sell us. Who are “they”? Who demands that we all ‘have a purpose’? Who decides that we aren’t actually living until we are living for our purpose? Why can’t we simply live on purpose?

that’s what “they” sell us. Who are “they”? Who demands that we all ‘have a purpose’? Who decides that we aren’t actually living until we are living for our purpose? Why can't we simply live on purpose? Click To Tweet

While we’re on the subject, who declared that our purpose in life must have some greater meaning for all of humanity. Who put this humble pressure on our shoulders? 

Don’t get me wrong. If you’ve found your purpose, or if you were born knowing it, POWER TO YOU! That’s incredible! You should be proud, and confident, and honestly should be screaming it from the top of a mountain! Share your purpose with the world in whatever way suits you (and of course your purpose)! 

But your purpose should be, well, about you. Maybe it is for the greater good, but maybe it’s just about you or your family. That’s okay too. 

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The Joys of Knowing Your Purpose

Often people describe knowing your purpose as a sense of belonging. Of being in the right place at the right time. There is a sense of meaning and joy in knowing your purpose, and living your passion. It’s a beautiful thing.

But if you don’t know your purpose, if you feel lost…if you feel frazzled! Or if you wonder what you’re doing, and seemingly wander without purpose, then I have a secret to share…:

Maybe you don’t have “a purpose”.


It’s not a big deal, and let me tell you why.

Time to Live ON Purpose

If you weren’t born knowing your purpose in life, its simply because you have many purposes. You don’t have one big take over your life, control every ounce of blood and bones in your body purpose. You have MANY. 

And that my friends, is an amazing thing! 

Its something that not everyone gets to brag about. And it’s also something you can brag about many times over. 

Maybe your purpose isn’t’ about being a doctor and saving thousands of lives with medical magic! Maybe it’s about saving people through coaching services, and yoga classes, and Reiki workshops. You have a wider outreach to help people. A bigger net to save them all. (And dare I say a deeper connection with each than simply a 5-minute appointment with a doctor). 

Maybe your purpose isn’t about being the CEO of a fortune 500 business and making business history. Maybe it’s about being the CEO of a mom and pop shop and supporting your family while making your own hours to be histories best parent. 

The Danger of Discovering your Purpose

I’m all about making yourself the best version of yourself. Not just for you, but for your family and friends and those you interact with each day. They all deserve the best you can be. I strongly believe in personal development, finding yourself, and most importantly being confident in whatever that is. live on purpose

But there is a downside to discovering your purpose that you need to be aware of. 

See the problem is, if you spend time searching for your purpose, you’re not spending it living your life. You’re no longer living new experiences, meeting new people, creating memories with loved ones. Instead, you’re in your head, thinking of the next possibility. Thinking about whether THIS could be your purpose as opposed to the next event. Everything becomes a maybe.

And don’t get me wrong, everything COULD BE your purpose. 

You begin buying every product out there designed to help you discover your purpose, live your best life, live your passions each day. You begin spending money on buying things instead of experiences

But you won’t find your purpose in generic products. And you won’t find your purpose in your head. You’ll find it living your life. You’ll find it when you go on a work mandated volunteer event. You’ll find it when someone approaches you asking if you can mentor their child because they highly respect your work. You’ll find it when someone asks where you got your earrings (that you made) because they want to buy a pair for everyone they know! 

And don’t get me wrong, there are wonderful products out there designed to help you discover your purpose and live your passions. But when you begin looking for products created specifically for something you are passionate about, or a vision board to manifest your dreams, you will learn far more.

Absolutely everything you do brings you one step closer to your purpose in life. But stop looking for the big neon flashing sign, because truthfully, it doesn’t exist. The honest truth is, you have many purposes in life. Many reasons to be proud and confident and excited for the day and that is a beautiful opportunity!

How to Stop Resisting Your Purposes in Life and begin to Live on Purpose

You don’t need to “discover” anything, you just need to be content in your life where you are, and understand that when an opportunity presents itself, however insignificant it seems, THAT is your neon sign. By ignoring these small opportunities, you are doing a disserve to yourself. You are resisting your purposes in life. You’re looking for meaning in the wrong places. 

So how do you stop resisting? It’s easy. Just start living!

Let’s switch the narrative. Instead of living for your purpose, or realistically as we are, living to find our purpose, instead lets live WITH purpose, live ON purpose. 

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