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Why Society Thrives on Self Hatred, and How to Break the Status Quo by Practicing Self Love

Love is arguably the strongest emotion and the most powerful (rivaling hatred of course). But you know how the line goes: “LOVE CONQUERS ALL” -Virgil And you are (not arguably) the most important person in your own life, so why do so many people fail to love themselves? If you’re not sure if you love […]

Mama Bear Empowerment Worksheet: A Simple 5 Step Process to Get Out of Your Own Way and Achieve Success

We’ve all been there, standing in the way of our own dreams and ambitions and happiness and success. Maybe its an email you forgot to respond to, a phone call you missed, an offer of help you turned down. Maybe it was your pride, your forgetfulness, your anxiety or your obliviousness that caused you to […]

6 Quick and Free Actions Every Mama Bear Needs To Do In the First Hour of Waking to Spark Productivity, Increase Energy and Prepare for Your Day

We all know the benefits of getting up early, and being productive before the stressers of the day beat us down. However, building up momentum to be effectively productive early in the morning is a learned trait. But if you can create a morning ritual to look forward to, your day will go much smoother! […]

How to Unlock Your Full Potential By Eliminating These 8 Negative Habits to Boost Your Self-Confidence and Live Like a Boss

I’ve talked about confidence and tracking habits a few times now, but its important to understand how they correlate to each other, and their impact on each other. In fact, if you’re feeling a lack of self esteem, chances are you incorporating one or more of these negative habits into your life. The good news […]

17 Ways to Build Your Self-Confidence in 5 Minutes a Day!

Self-Confidence is this magical thing that can change your life. It can make you feel better about yourself, influence the way others see you, give you a sense of peace and happiness, and good luck and good fortune. Well maybe not the last couple. You have to do all the work, but trust me, confidence […]

6 Steps to Organize your Life in the Midst of Holiday Season Chaos

Holiday season is upon us, and you know what that means. STRESS. [RELATED: 12 Ways to incorporate relaxation in 5 minutes a day without opening your wallet] Between our normal daily responsibilities (work, childcare, homemaking, dinner etc.) we now have to fit in shopping, parties, extra cooking and baking, even decorating and wrapping gifts and […]

8 Steps to Understanding Behaviors & Changing Bad Habits For Good + Free Worksheet

Personally, I think habits get a negative rep. When the word ‘habit’ comes up, people associate it with bad habits like smoking or biting your nails. But even good habits come with baggage as they assume its just another routine…and routine means monotony and people see monotony as boring, and boring can feel like a […]

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