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Writing a blog is no easy task, to stay relevant you must post, constantly. And writers block is an evil creature that rears its head at the worst of times. So what’s a blogger to do?

Before I started my blog I spent time scoping out the competition, looking at Pinterest boards, Googling topics, and essentially analyzing why some posts were more ‘clickable’ and ‘popular’ than others. Whether you are seeing a blog post on Pinterest, Google, or directly on someones site for the very first time, what’s the first thing you see?


Which easily makes that the most important thing you need to consider. Bad title = no clicks. You could have the BEST blog post in the world, but if no one clicks on it, it doesn’t matter! Another factor about titles is SEO, using the correct wording helps your post come up stronger in searches. IE: Use the words your target market is searching in your title so that it comes up. Simple right?

So what does writers block and titles have to do with each other? I’m glad you asked. I came up with a formula for generating titles and now I have a long list of potential candidates so that when writers block hits, I can scan this list and be inspired for a post.

The key here is knowing what your KEYWORDS are. If you don’t automatically know those off the top of your head, you may need to do some reorganizing on your blog, but that’s a topic for another day.

Keywords should be the main content that you are answering on your blog, and the search terms that your target market is using to find you.

Don’t get this confused, those should be the SAME TERMS. If you post things using X-term, but your target market is searching A-term, they will never find you. So make sure you choose the RIGHT words straight from the beginning to get in front of the people you want to see your stuff. And if you’ve been blogging for a while and you aren’t doing that, it’s time to do some reorganizing. But again, that’s a topic for another day!

So here are three places you should be able to find your own keywords:

  1. Hopefully your blog has some sort of business plan/roadmap that you are using to outline your future. Inside you should find all of the keywords you need especially in the ‘MISSION‘ and ‘VISION‘ statements!
  2. A well organized blog should have an effective ‘CATEGORY‘ list that you use to catalog each blog post, these terms or phrases are the keywords you need!
  3. Another place to look are the ‘TAGS’ you are using in each post, usually these are far more generic, but again, a blog with effective SEO will be more streamlined and most of these could be considered as a keyword or at least a supporting/descriptive keyword.

There is no magic number of keywords to blogposttitles(1)have because it completely depends on your niche and the amount of topics you cover. But I would probably try to narrow the list to 5(ish) things you want your blog to known for and focus on those as your MAIN Keywords, using the rest of your list as more supporting or descriptive keywords.

Now that you have your list, it’s time for plug-and-play! Insert your keywords into the following titles and whoa-la! A topic for your blog is born, don’t forget to try different keywords to see what works best, what inspires you the most to write about, and potentially come up with multiple topics from the same format! This list will be continually updated so don’t forget to bookmark this page and come back often!

  1. How to [Keyword] While [Action your target market does often]
  2. [Number] Essential [Blank] for [target market] Who Want to [desired outcome]
  3. How To Solve Your [Keyword] Problems With [Solution Keyword]
  4. The [Something that your market finds scary] Survival Guide
  5. [Number] Ways [Keywords] Can Increase Your [Blank]
  6. Why [Keyword] is the New
  7. How to Use [Solution Based Keyword] to [Desirable Outcome Keyword]
  8. [Number] Mistakes Every New [Keyword] Makes
  9. A Fool-Proof Formula for Easily [Solution Keyword]
  10. [Keyword] Taboos You Should Break
  11. Why [Keyword]’s are [Adjective]
  12. How [Solution Keyword] Can Teach You about [Keyword]
  13. 13 Ways [Keyword] Can Make You Rich
  14. [Question relevant to target market]? [Number] Ways to [achieve desired outcome].
  15. Here’s a Quick Way to [solve a problem]
  16. How Not Knowing [Keywords] Makes You a Rookie

  17. Don’t Hold Back Your [Keyword]
  18. [Number] Reasons Why [target market descriptor] Make Good [Keyword]
  19. How to Build Your [Keyword]
  20. What Everyone Ought to Know About [Keyword]
  21. [Number] Ways to [Blank] Your [Keyword]
  22. [Blank] Guide to [Keywords]
  23. Why Calling Yourself a [Keyword] Can Change Your Life
  24. The Top [Industry] Blogs You Should be Reading
  25. How to Become a Successful [Keyword]
  26. Worst [Keyword] Mistakes and How to Fix Them
  27. Attention: [target market], Don’t [Blank] Until You Read This
  28. How [Keyword]’s are Making the World a Better Place
  29. The Best Kind of [Keyword]
  30. How [Keyword] Changed How We Think About [Something that your market finds scary]

  31. [Number] Harsh Realities of [Keyword]
  32. How to [desired outcome] with a [Keyword]
  33. Why Your Keyword is Missing the Mark, and How to Fix it
  34. My Top [Number] Ways to Manifest [Blank]
  35. [Number] Things That Won’t Happen in [Keyword]
  36. How to Start a [Keyword] for Free
  37. The Ultimate [Keyword] Checklist!
  38. [Number] Useful Tools For [Helping Keyword]
  39. Here is a Method That is Helping [blank] to [blank]
  40. [Keyword] for Beginners
  41. [Number] Crucial Tactics for [Keyword]
  42. Here’s a [Blank] and [Blank] Way to Achieve [desired outcome]
  43. Why More is Less When it Comes to [Keyword]
  44. Best Tips to [Keyword]
  45. How to Fail with [Keyword]
  46. Why I [Blank], and Why You Should Too
  47. The Ultimate List of [Keyword]
  48. Does [Keyword] Really [Blank]?
  49. [Keyword] is Crucial to Your [Blank]. Learn How.
  50. [Number] Must Try Hacks to [desired outcome]

Easy as can be, right? Don’t forget to bookmark this list as I continue to add to it! Did you find any great ideas here? Comment below which ones are your favorite!

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