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How to Plan Out Your Blog Content when you HATE Editorial Calendars

Am I the only one who hates blog editorial calendars? I constantly create them, fill them out, spend hours making them pretty and detailed and fill up MONTHS at a time. But when it comes to actually WRITING those posts, I freeze. I forget how to write. I’m uninspired, bored, and unable to actually complete […]

How Often Should You Blog? The Only NO STRESS Blog Frequency Formula You’ll Ever Need!

The infamous question. I haven’t checked statistics for it, but I would assume this is probably one of the most popular beginner blogger questions posted to google and pinterest. The problem is there is no ‘one’ answer. There are two sides of this: 1 | More often you post, the more credible you look to […]

Hashtags are Crucial to Your Blog – Learn How to Find and Use Them + FREE Worksheets

Oh hashtags, I still remember when they were fun and the purpose was to tell silly stories. Okay I suppose that was never really their purpose, but it’s definitely how they were used in the beginning. A picture of your home baked cookies may read #cookiesforlunch #dontjudgeme #omnomnom and #goodbyecookies – totally useless for tagging, […]

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Content Planning for Beginners + FREE Workbook with 57 content ideas!

Social Media can be both time consuming, and confusing, which is why I’ve created a cheat sheet list of 57 topic ideas + a FREE workbook for you to use to make the process of social media content marketing EASY and FAST. Imagine planning ALL of your social media platforms content for the next 30 […]

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