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Not sure what a kitchen table crafter is? A kitchen table crafter simply means you have no designated area in your home for crafting, so you find yourself creating on the kitchen table…therefore having to store your crafting materials in such a place as a closet. Do you have fabric bundles beneath your bed? Paints next to your shoes? Is your medium of choice crammed beside your bathroom towels? Have no fear! Do you suffer from a lack of efficiency or avoid creativity due to trying to find things? There are some amazing craft storage options for the closet crafter, I know because I’ve used many of them. Storage is a premium, so here are my favorite solutions to the neverending craft storage dilemma!


Rolling Craft Storage Bag: Ok so this is similar to the above – it’s a bag for storing your craft supplies. However, instead of that thick durable strap to carry it all – it rolls! The one pictured is extra awesome because it can store a sewing machine as well, but they have smaller ones that don’t have that compartment if sewing isn’t your thing. If you leave the house with a sewing machine at all – this is your solution. If you don’t then opt for the smaller bag and put your machine on a rolling cart instead. But the bottom storage doesn’t have to be a sewing machine either, you could separate the compartments by medium, or even store an entire toolbox instead! Now, this could be harder to fit in a closet because it’s the size of a suitcase – but it could also fit wherever you keep suitcases! Under the bed, in the garage, etc! Added bonus – you can use it as a suitcase and travel with it on a plane (checked in, of course, let’s not get your favorite scissors lost to TSA)!

Organizers: Organizers are great because they work for most craft mediums that have small things: beads, findings, embroidery thread, woodburning tools, felting tools, etc. They have adjustable grids inside so you can customize how you fit things in, they are clear on the outside so you can see what’s in it with a quick glance, and they are tiny so they fit in small areas. Go ahead and stack them next to your towels, they will be easy to grab and go later and if you only need a specific medium, you can just grab that organizer and leave the rest!

Storage Tote Bag: The storage tote bag is like Mary Poppin’s magical bag. You could probably fit your entire bed in it if you tried hard enough. With tons of pockets, a deep size to fit taller items, a thick durable strap for carrying around, and a flexible shape, it makes it ideal for organizing your general crafts, yarn, fabric, etc. The flexibility of the fabric allows it to bend as needed to fit where it needs to go, or even bend from the inside to fit certain items. If you are a general crafter who is on the go – this is the perfect solution for your craft storage.

Hide-a-Desk: I love these for small spaces. The wall-mounted fold-out desk gives you space to move around unobstructed when not in use – you could even turn the box into a command center with chalkboard paint, or attach a piece of art! In use, you simply fold the table down and start working! As far as storage goes, it doesn’t hold a lot of items besides little things like markers and scissors, etc. But having a designated space (besides the kitchen table) can be a game-changer! Plus, these come in all shapes and sizes (and colors), so you can maximize the room in your space.

Mason Jars: Now hold on hear me out because I know what you’re thinking. Why the heck do I want mason jars hanging around? These are valuable because they allow things to ‘hide’ in plain sight. Fill your jars with bobbins, markers, ribbons, beads, findings, etc. There is a neverending size availability to mason jars so you may be surprised just what can fit in these (seriously, here is a 6.5-gallon jar that can literally fit rolls of yarn or fabric! Now, what to do with these? Hide in plain sight! That massive jar filled with your yarn collection would be a beautiful touch on the floor in your entryway adding both color and texture to the room. The smaller 2 quarts look great on bookshelves filled with beads, and markers for small unexpected pops of color. Incorporating into your home not only serves as function and decor but also as constant reminders to create and serves as a conversation starter!

Open Tote: I have a few of these around the house – I first used them in the nursery and quickly realized how handy it was to have whatever you needed at grasp. Plus they are small so they fit wherever you need them to, and have handles so they are easy to pick up and go. But the open design means that bigger items can still fit, and everything is easy to access without having to dig or move them around. Great for paint supplies, felting supplies, markers, colored pencils, scrapbooking supplies, etc.

Storage Ottoman: I know, another suggestion that feels out of left field. But storage ottomans are great because they double as storage and seating which makes them valuable to a home. This elegant linen bench will look great in any home (and if the cream isn’t your color, trust me storage benches are a dime a dozen – we have a gray one in our bedroom, a black in our living room, and a bright teal in our daughter’s room – we also have footstool sized!). Imagine adding function to your living room AND being able to pull your craft supplies out of various places to store all in one easy to grab a spot! We use ours for bed linen, board games, stuffed animals, and workout gear. All within reach, and all hidden in plain sight!

Storage Cart: Storage carts are the unsung hero of any storage solution in my opinion. You can get them in literally any size: tall, short, wide, narrow, 2 rows, 6 rows, flat shelves, walled shelves – whatever you need, it exists! They roll, which makes them great for storing in one spot, and easily moving to where you need to set up your temporary crafting center. I have this one that hides under my desk and holds all of my paints. I have a bigger version that holds my sewing machine and all the accessories. And for further proof you need one, I also have one in my kitchen that holds all the dog food and stuff, and another to hold all of our fresh produce.

Toolbox: For those on the go, a toolbox is a no brainer. Small ones are cheap – and they remain inexpensive if you need bigger ones. But they are made to travel, made to be durable, and made to fit in small areas. We used one for my daughter’s craft supplies for a long time. Even a tiny one can hold more than you would think, and the top tray is great for holding the little items like glue, scissors, and markers! This is a great solution if you are a medium-specific or occasional crafter that has only certain items in their craft box. It will easily fit in any closet or under a bed and has a handle to carry it where it needs to go!

Supply Craft Storage Case: I recently purchased this (in pink of course) for my drawing materials because I realized I was lugging a drawer of pens, on top of a drawer of pencils and accessories, along with my sketchbook to different places around the house to do my drawing. Didn’t make any sense. So I emptied the two drawers into the pouches (plus some other essentials like my markers and gel pens so it’s all in one place), and guess what – it even fit my medium sketchbook! Now I just have to grab this little case to go sketch! Even better, now I store this in my backpack so I can easily take EVERYTHING with me when I leave the house (well, I will when covid ends anyway).

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