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How I created the glass doll eye I used in the making of Tryx and the same process used for Kota. Below you can find the materials I used to create these eyes so you can make your own! You can also find the materials lists for Tryx here and Kota here!


  1. I prefer mixed media over canvas paper because it is smoother and less likely for bubbles or errors during future steps. Trace your glass cabochons onto the paper. Trace lightly so you can easily paint over them. Extending the painting is important so lines look natural.
  2. Paint your design using acrylic paint. There are many ways to paint an eye design here is the exact process I used in this video:
    • Start with a base color, here I used a rose gold blended out with cream
    • Once dry, I used purple ‘lines’ on the outside and blended inwards using the cream.
    • In one variation I used purple in the middle and blended the three layers together
    • Repeat layers as needed to get the right shine, consistency, and texture you want.
    • Once dry, paint a black circle in the middle as the pupil. Size will depend on your needs. Large pupils tend to look more ‘cutesy’, medium more ‘elegant’, and small more ‘mischievous’. I use paint pens to get a perfect circle.
  3. After drying spray the art with 2 coats of sealant. This will help protect the color long term.
  4. Use the diamond adhesive to attach the glass to the eyes. Make sure you push them around a little and press down tightly to get rid of any air bubbles.
  5. Use scissors (small embroidery scissors work well), or an exact knife to cut out the eyes.
  6. Coat the back of the eyes with a thin layer of UV resin. Use something to smooth it over the whole piece.
  7. ‘Cook’ under a UV lamp for the time associated with your resin. This seals the artwork so if it gets wet, it won’t be instantly ruined!
  8. Done! My go-to for attaching glass eyes to dolls is E6000 but can vary depending on how you are using it! Have fun!

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