9 Personal Development Podcasts You Need to listen to if You’re Ready to Discover Your Purpose and Ignite Your Passions

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Mom-life is rewarding, but it can also be isolating and lonely. It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay at home mom, full time work out of the home, a freelancer, or anything in between. Not everyone you meet shares your lifestyle, your concerns, your style of momming. It can be difficult to make friends or relate to others at times, which can lead to unhappiness and a lack of identity, feeling the need to discover your purpose in life.

Sometimes the silence (or lack of silence) can be overwhelming. Music can only get you so far, and who the heck wants the TV on all day long? Audio books are fantastic, but not everyone wants to listen to one topic (IE: one book) day-in-and-day-out. Enter Podcasts. Short enough to listen to a variety each day, interesting enough to be addictive. 

Episodes can range from 5 minutes to 3 hours, there are thousands to choose from, and hundreds beneath each-and-every topic you can think of. It’s amazing and literally life-changing. After 50 episodes from a podcast, it feels as though the hosts are friends in your living room, not a stranger sharing stories. 

I listen to 8 hours of podcasts daily. Some motivational themes when I write, parenting when the baby takes a nap, stories, and facts while I cook and clean, and creative inspiration while I create.

Podcasts are like friends, they always keep you entertained, your brain stimulated, and if you enjoy learning things – it’s a never-ending supply of free education! And if you’re a mama on a self-discovery search, I’ve got a list for you! 

I’ve compiled my favorite self-development podcasts, specializing in helping people like you discover their purpose in life, and ignite their passions. Each month I spend countless hours listening to podcasts, collecting only my favorites to share with you! If you’re on a quest for self-discovery, these 9 podcasts are designed just for you!

And if you’re looking for a specific medium, check out my Top 7 Writing Podcasts list! 

9 Podcasts to Help You Discover Your Purpose in Life

Purpose Driven Mom:

Purpose Driven Mom is a newer podcast, started in May 2019 with weekly episodes. The goal of the show is to help moms build “systems and routines” to live more intentionally and hopefully remove stress. I love the mission and I love the value-packed 30-minute episodes that provide practical tips to everyday life. Each episode focuses on one area such as creating routines or money mindset or homeschooling preschool, with interviews with bloggers and experts sprinkled in. I love the no-nonsense format, it’s quickly become one of my go-to podcasts each week! 

Frequency: Weekly
Length: 30 Minutes

The Purpose Show:

The Purpose Show is a fantastic podcast run by Allie Casazza. The podcast dives right into goal setting, with a genius strategy I’m OBSESSED with. If you are living under a rock and haven’t been reading Allie’s blog (I totally was until I came across her podcast a couple of months ago), head over NOW. It is chock full of tips and strategies to de-clutter your house, your life, your BRAIN. Every single episode on her podcast will blow your mind, she covers everything from intentional living to motherhood to minimalism and how to give (and achieve) purpose with everything you do! 

Frequency: Weekly
Length: 1 Hour

Live Your Purpose:

Live Your Purpose is a brand new show, started at the end of 2019. Each week features an interview with someone living their own purpose in life, highlight tips and strategies to help you live yours! Hosted by Charles Gosset from Full Integration Coaching, he truly lives and breathes by the motto of living your purpose and actively seeks stories from those who have transformed their life and share their techniques with listeners. I love the variety of topics covered because life’s purpose is not one size fits all.

Frequency: Weekly
Length: 1 Hour

Collective Gain:

Collective Gain, hosted by Lizzie Alberga, is a podcast aimed at teaching people principles of living your best life. Lizzie specializes in revolutionizing the way corporate executives operate and think. These concepts have carried over to the brand new podcast where she interviews experts in their fields to learn their proven strategies to find your purpose, and live your truth. As a former corporate communications person, I am passionate about Lizzie’s mission and am excited about this podcast and can’t wait to see it grow! 

Frequency: Weekly
Length: 30 Minutes or so

Find Your Voice:

Admittedly I’ve only recently stumbled across Find Your Voice podcast, and I’m not caught up yet but I’m LOVING it so far. Host Aren Deu describes the podcast as a positivity movement. He uses the medium to interview individuals to find out how they combat their own excuses, their own adversity and take control to find their voice. I enjoy the format, it explores real-life issues from blindness to miscarriages to mental health and everything in between and offers not only practical tips and strategies to overcome but lessons from failures as well. I like the approachable authenticity from the host, as opposed to a stiff professional format many similar podcasts hold. 

Frequency: Twice Weekly
Length: 10 Minutes to 1 Hour

Intuitive Awakening:

Intuitive Awakening is a different podcast than the rest of this list. It focuses on spirituality awakening, as it explores different religions and spiritual concepts such as chakras, and spirit guides, manifestation, and crystals, etc.! I love how open and accepting the host, Deanna Marie of Infinite Supply is. She herself is intuitive, specializing in psychic development, and coaching life purpose. If you’re open-minded and curious by nature, this podcast is perfect for you! 

Frequency: Weekly
Length: 1 Hour

SHE Podcast:

SHE Podcast is an incredible podcast focusing on multi-passionate, purpose-driven women, helping them thrive and succeed at reaching their full potential. Jordan Lee Dooley is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, educator, blogger – oh, and a social media marketer and consultant. Basically, if you find yourself dreaming of doing everything, drop what you are doing and listen to this podcast because this girl shares all. She is down to earth, completely authentic and transparent, and judging by the people she has interviewed – knows everyone! You will learn to minimalize your life, dream big, do everything, embrace your passions and live your purpose! Oh, and laugh along the whole way. 

Frequency: Weekly
Length: 30 minutes- 1 Hour

Daily Boost:

Daily Boost is hosted by Scott Smith from Motivation to Move. A simple but effective concept, weekly motivation in a quick 10-minute format. I love that its quick, gets-to-the-point and doesn’t beat around the bush. I love that its less lecture and more two-sided conversation even though its solo hosted. Scott has a great way of making you feel like he’s talking directly to you. He calls out your hesitations, your concerns, comments, he knows exactly what you are thinking and offers unique perspectives to everyday anxieties. Every episode is designed to bring you one step closer to clarifying your purpose in life, forcing new perspectives on your situation and internal dialog and motivate you to move!

Frequency: Weekly – premium option for more frequency though!
Length: 10-15 minutes

Find Your Purpose:

Find Your Purpose hosted by Gregory Knapp, is a powerful and fun podcast focusing on finding your purpose, and more importantly, living your passion! Gregory is an accomplished speaker, so podcasting comes naturally to him. He’s friendly and passionate and affable in his speaking ability. I’ve listened through his episodes a couple of times, and always seem to learn something new each time. His interview style is fantastic, and he talks to some big names in the personal development industry. Trust me, this is not a podcast you can afford to miss out on. It will absolutely help you discover your purpose in life, and work towards it! 

Frequency: No schedule
Length: 30 minutes or so

Do you listen to any of these podcasts? Have a favorite, not on this list that help you discover your purpose in life? Let me know, I’d love to check it out!

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