18 Self-Improvement Strategies for Mental Health by Ariana Dagan

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18 Self-Improvement Strategies for Mental Health by Ariana DaganMental health is key to our overall health and includes our emotional and psychological wellbeing. Having solid strategies for mental health in place can help buffer or even prevent certain reactions or behaviors from forming in specific scenarios.

It’s a common misconception that mental health only refers to depression or schizophrenia, which simply isn’t true. It may refer to a disorder, it may not. Our mental health dictates how we react to situations, how we handle stress, or how we make decisions. Many of these are shaped during childhood, but so many additional factors go into it as well. For example, biological – we may inherit disorders or genes that make us react in certain ways. We also may experience certain traumatic events throughout our life that alter our brain chemistry. The point is mental health is pivotal to our success in life, which includes having a solid understanding of our current status, maintaining our mental and emotional wellbeing, or managing reactions and symptoms related to a disorder.

NOTE: Please don’t forget, if you are suffering with mental health issues you do NOT have to do it alone. Therapy can help. Whether you need an accountability partner, help managing behaviors or emotions, or simply someone to talk to, there is a therapist for everyone. head to https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists to find a therapist near you, and if money is an issue – talk to your insurance company about therapists that take a sliding scale! 

Today I’ve gathered a list of 18 self-improvement strategies for mental health from bloggers who have been there and want to help you get the most out of your mental and emotional wellbeing. Remember, last week I shared a roundup for quality of life upgrades and over the next few weeks, I will share additional wellness resources including body, and spirit to round us out so stay tuned! (And sign up for my bi-monthly email list to get reminders when those posts come out!)

18 Strategies for Mental Health

Cultivating Positive Thinking | ARTICLES OF HOPE

9 Ways to Stop Ruminating Anxiety | RADICAL STRENGTH

How to Let Go of Negativity for Your Mental Health | BLOGGING AND LIVING

Stop Feeling Like a Fraud, Befriend Imposter Syndrome | ARIANA DAGAN

How to Be More Positive | BY DEZE

What to do When You Feel Overwhelmed | BLISS HEALTH COACHING

How to Quiet Your Mind | TASTING PAGE

What is Mindfulness | DEVOUR DINNER

24 DIY Mental Health Self Care Kit Ideas | COUNTRY FAMILY VALUES

How to do a Mental Cleanse for Emotional Health | THIS ANXIOUS MUM

Simple Habits to Reduce Stress | MOMS WHO SAVE

Ultimate Guide to Self Responsibility | DIANE ALKIER

How to Boost Your Confidence Permanently | IF IT BRINGS YOU JOY

Ways to Relax When You Feel Stressed or Anxious | THE RISING SPOON

Tips for Improving Memory | DIVINE LIFESTYLE

Why Practicing Daily Gratefulness is Important | ANOINTED HEELS

Practicing Mindfulness to Reduce Anxiety | I SPY FABULOUS

Overcome Your Fear of Failure | SIMPLE MODERN MOM

So many incredible articles here, time to get to work on our mental health! Don’t forget to check other great roundups!




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  • These are great tips. The detail makes them even better. I like that you mentioned fear of failure because all of us experience it in some shape or form.

  • These are some great strategies! I love seeing how to learn to be more positive on your list. Some people are just generally better at that than others so it’s great to provide guidance. Being more positive benefits your life in many ways!

  • I really love posts about mental health that bring awareness to common issues and illnesses that people can face. Thanks for this post and for being a part of normalizing the discussion

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