7 Gifts for the One Year Old With a Big Personality

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Recently I celebrated my daughter’s first birthday, and in seeking gift ideas I was honestly kind of disgusted by what I saw. Everything was pink and kitchen or cleaning related.

Now don’t get me wrong, pink is actually my favorite color. But it’s MY favorite color, not my daughters. I like to ‘drown’ my daughter in as many colors as I can. Her bedroom is purple and teal and space themed (don’t even get me started on the lack of space nursery goodies out there) and we buy half of her clothes from the boys section just to get things THAT AREN’T PINK. Trust me, she’s got pink stuff too. But our family loves color and the girls section just isn’t cutting it for the variety.

And kitchen and cleaning toys? Really? For a one year old? Eh. Not even going to bother commenting on that. So here’s my take on gifts for ANY one year old with their own personality that they will LOVE! (I know because my daughter received almost all of them).7 Gifts for the One Year Old With a Big PersonalityThis post contains affiliate links, meaning, if you click through and make a purchase or sign up for a program, I may earn a commission. This is at no additional cost to you.


I LOVE this! So well made, and so darn cute. And if you aren’t a fan of the ship (my family is secretly a bunch of pirates so this fits perfect), they have other adorable rides to choose from including a classic rocking horse and a first bike! Hape is a fantastic company, award winning products that are DURABLE and SAFE. I’m a total bargain hunter so this steps a little out of my comfort zone (though too be honest not by much, rides aren’t cheap!), but its WORTH IT, I promise!


Ok so I’m kind of obsessed with hedgehogs so I obviously HAD to get this for my daughter, but the have other adorable animals as well like an alligator and a snail! It seems the older my daughter gets, the more batteries her toys require, and I am LOVING the wooden toys that are SIMPLE, SAFE, and require no batteries! My daughter is still in the ‘chew everything in sight’ mode, but she’s really enjoying all the shapes and moving parts in this toy!


My mom has this toy at her house and I swear its my daughters favorite toy of all. She carries the caterpillar with her everywhere, and is starting to even recognize different colors by name because of this toy! Again, so simple and basic but she LOVES it. And its so cheap, I highly recommend this for everyone!


My husband and I have been going back and forth on the activity cubes. We didn’t end up buying one yet, although I think this is the one we will get (for Christmas shh!). I love the size, its not huge and taking over the room, but enough fun little things to do to keep anyone entertained. In fact its the perfect size to BRING WITH YOU places! Plus it has excellent reviews (am I the only one who reads every single review before I buy something??) and the price is perfect!


You can’t have a birthday gift guide without a book right? And what better book than something by Dr. Seuss? I saw this, and had this ridiculous idea to use it as a card and have everyone sign it for my daughter. Ok ridiculously adorable right? To be honest, I saw ‘Dr. Seuss’ and didn’t even think about opening it to see what was inside. OMG ITS ADORABLE. Totally in love! Plus EVERYONE loved the idea to sign and leave little messages for my daughter in the book and I can’t wait until she’s older and can actually understand it! There are a few other birthday books by Dr. Seuss, I don’t have them so I can’t compare but I have no doubt they are all adorable!

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I know, I know, socks as a gift. Its a joke right? Nope. I fully believe in the gift giving guide of:

“something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read”

It just makes sense! Plus my daughter is trying soooo hard to walk but she slides everywhere in socks on the hardwood floor, and without socks her little toes get cold! Perfect compromise.

Or I’m just *that* mom. I’m ok with that 😀


This last item wasn’t from me. You can tell because it makes sounds, and I work from home/take care of the baby all day. My husband saw this and LOVED it. He got her a drum set for Christmas too (UGH)! Ironically he doesn’t even play an instrument so I’m not sure why he’s so interested in getting her started early but it’s adorable so I can’t complain. It didn’t happen on purpose, but we ended up getting a second Hape item. Its incredibly well made, extremely cute, my daughter is clanging out some lovely noises out of it and it might of been her favorite toy of the year!

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There we go. Hope you found something awesome on this list. All except one have been approved by my daughter so far and we love them! Any other items your child loves and would add to this list? Drop a comment below!



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